Different Types of Wines

Wines are fermented juices of wine grapes. Wines are made from two types of grapes, white or red. The grapes used for wines are different types of grapes.

Wines are differentiated by style, flavor, and additional groups of high tannin, round or spicy. 

There is so much to know about wine that can help you have the basic knowledge, especially with your shopping experience that helps you get the best bottle of wine that suits your taste.



How to talk about wines

There are different types of grape varieties in the world and knowing a bit about how they are made, and their flavors can help you select the perfect wine for the moment.



A bottle of sweet wine has a high amount of residual sugar and sweetness in its flavor.


Tannins / tannic

Tannins are natural compounds that are found in grapes. This affects the texture of the wine in the mouth.



Grapes are the major ingredients that wines are made from.



Dry wine is known for not being sweet. Dry wines do not contain residual sugar from the fermentation process.



When wines undergo aging in oak barrels and have a woodsy or toasty flavor.



It is generally for red wines, and it has to do with its flavor and texture.


The different types of wines can be broadly broken down into a few main types


Red wines

These wines are generally defined by their dark fruit flavors and tannins. It makes them a great match for food. They range from light to bold.


White wine

This is produced from white and occasionally black grapes.


Rosé wine

This is produced by removing the skin of the black grapes before they stain the wine red. This is made by blending red and white wine.


Sparkling wine

This is the type of wine that involves secondary fermentation and makes bubbles


Dessert wine

This type involves fortifying wine with spirits. They taste sweet but many of them are dry.


Some common types of wines

Trying out these types of wines helps you in identifying the range of flavors that are found in wines.


Cabernet Sauvignon

It is a full-bodied red grape wine, it has high levels of alcohol and is the most popular wine variety in the world.



This wine has an intense fruit flavor and a meaty quality. It contains medium-weight tannins.


Pinot Noir

This is a rich-flavored wine with high acidity and a low tannins finish.


Sauvignon Blanc

It is a dry white grape wine with citrus and exotic fruits.



This is a highly acidic wine that is a combination of sweet and sour.


Pinot Gris

This type of wine is easy to drink and has some bitter taste on the palate.



This type of wine is spicy and gives off a bourbon taste. It’s a dried-bodied full wine.


Understanding the different types of wine grapes may be difficult starting out as a learner but with time and experience, the process becomes easier.

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