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Our story begins with the love we have for Texas! Our mission is to share the beauty that lies deep in the heart of this great state; from rivers to wineries and breweries, and so much more. Apexcursions is here to help you have an unforgettable time for any occasion or special event.

Why Apexcursions?

We are a friendly, safe and reliable tour company and our mission is to provide amazing tours organized for maximum fun! Join us for an unforgettable excursion and make Austin memories last a lifetime.

Currently working with EcoBoost and hybrid engine vehicles, our goal is to become a 100% emission-free company.

A percentage of all revenue is given to charity.


Have fun!
Our job is make your time with us a great and memorable event.


Our team and partners are highly trained to give you a top experience.


Comfortable and reliable vehicles, as well as accommodation capacity for small and large groups.
Tubing, wineries, breweries, city tours and more

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