5 Things to Consider When Planning a River Trip

You want to be sure that you are prepared for the things that can happen during your river trip. If you follow the things that we’ll mention in this post, you and your group should be just fine.

5 tips to follow to improve your river trip experience

Be prepared before the day of your trip – Now that you have made your plans to take your river trip to the San Marcos River, you need to do things to get ready. One of the first things you need to do is do some research about the river itself. The more prepared you are before you go, the less that will sneak up on you and your party. One of the things you should find out is what exactly comes with your reserved trip.

Head protection is a must – Now that you know exactly what is provided to you and your party by the tour agency and the tubing trip organizers. Generally, you will be responsible for supplying all of your type gear. This is mainly because it would be next to impossible for the tubing trip organizer to have enough of everything for everyone on your specific trip. Since the tubing rides down the San Marcos River is 3.5 hours and with the hot sun, you want to have some type of hat and or visor for protection from the blazing sun.

Bring food and beverages – The way that tubing tours are set up is that your whole group floats down the river closely together. Depending on the size of your group you have at least one specially designed tube that holds an extra-large cooler. The special tube is designed to be shared by up to a 6 person group. For larger groups, there will be additional cooler tubes assigned. So remember to pack the food and beverages that you plan to bring with you for the group.

Be sure to pack waterproof bags – While on the water you are cut off from shore and surrounded by water, be sure to pack some waterproof plastic bags. This way you can put valuables including; wallet, cellphone, and other important things that you need to keep with you. Be sure to put everything that could be damaged by water securely inside a waterproof bag. The last thing you want is for your cellphone to accidentally get dropped over the side of your tube. Be sure to bring enough bags for your whole group.

Wear waterproof shoes –  Foot protection is very important, be sure that you wear shoes that are specially designed to be worn in and around water. You can also wear sandals while you are floating the river on an tube. This will also help to protect the bottom of your feet if you have to get out of the tube. This is because the rocks under the water could accidentally cut your feet if you don’t have them covered.

When planning a river trip in Austin, Tx, be sure to reserve your tubing trip to the San Marcos River. Fortunately, there are several tour agencies like Apexcursions that specialize in helping people make plans for river tubing trips. We can help to make it very easy for you and your party to finalize the details for the trip. This helps to lessen the stress associated with planning your trip.

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