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Have questions about your upcoming adventure with Apexcursions?

We’ve got you covered! Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate your experience seamlessly.

Yes, booking online not only reserves your spot but also expedites the check-in process. You will receive an email with a receipt, QR code, and pick-up address (if it’s a shared trip).

Yes, you can bring cans on the river. However, we insist that you do not litter!

For public shared rides, we will make a quick stop at a gas station where you can purchase ice.

For private rides, we are pleased to offer complimentary ice for your convenience. You won’t need to worry about purchasing ice as it will be provided for you.

You can check out our different options and prices here: https://trytn.com/en/Apexcursions

Yes, we provide life jackets free of charge! They’re available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you’re not a strong swimmer, we strongly recommend wearing a life jacket.

Dogs are welcome on private tubing trips. However, we don’t recommend bringing your dog on a private winery tour as some wineries do not allow dogs. 

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on individual tickets for military personnel.

You should start selecting your tube shortly after signing the liability waiver and beginning your float experience, as depending on the river flow, your tour may take longer than expected. This is to prevent any delays in future trips.

You can contact us via email at hello@apexcursions.tours, or call/text us at (512) 735-2861.

Please refer to the detailed description provided above. 

-Our Public Tubing Trip starts from downtown Austin (150-200 E Riverside Dr, Austin, TX – 78704). We recommend you to arrive 10 minutes early. As parking is limited, consider using a ride-share service like Uber, Lyft or a taxi. 

-The trip is designed for a whole day of fun, with no driving responsibilities. Once everyone from your reservation is gathered, we’ll get you all checked in together.

-You’ll share a bus with up to 40 other fun-seeking tubers. We’ll make a quick stop at a gas station for ice, drinks, and last-minute supplies. 

-You can add-on a cooler during booking. 

-At the river, your tubes will be waiting. Use this time to get ready, apply sunscreen, and prepare your personal items. 

-The float time depends on weather conditions, but it usually takes around 3 hours. A staff member will assist your out assist you out of your tubes at the exit. Return times may vary depending on fellow tubers’ cooperation and traffic conditions. Please don’t forget anything on the bus! 

-Important things to bring: sunscreen, water shoes, snacks, and drinks! 

-Remember, we’re BYOB (bring your own bottle (cans)), but ice is not provided. You can, however, add-on when booking.

-Our Private Transportation Tubing Trip offers you the privilege of starting from any location inside of the greater Austin downtown area. 

-This BYOB trip encourages you to bring your own cans and drink in the van. Included in the tour: every participant gets their own tube to float the river, and we provide a cooler, cooler tube and ice. Additional coolers ($19) are available for purchase. 

-Your coolers will be waiting for you on the bus. We can also stop at a gas station in route for ice, drinks, and snacks (Please note: Sunday alcohol sales start at 12 pm). 

-Upon arriving at the river, your driver will assist in unloading your coolers and give you time to get “River Ready.” We offer a small box (compact container for your group`s small items, limited space) for your essential personal belonging. 

-You are allowed to drink on the vehicle since it’s BYOB, and we provide ice and a cooler. 

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