Unlike many activities that disallow drinking, you can actually drink while tubing as long as you don’t overdo it. While getting drunk and falling off your tube is not exactly a fun day idea, you can drink in moderation while floating down the river. If you are planning a tubing day in the San Marcos River, then you should probably know what drinks to take along. Here are the top 5 alcoholic drinks to take with you on your next tubing trip:


The Miami cocktail Co margarita spritz

This canned cocktail is %100 organic and comes in different flavors such as elderflower, ginger, and lime. If you are not much of a sweet tooth, then you will enjoy your day out in the sun with this drink. It comes in a portable can and is easily packed. What’s more, it is low in calories with no sugar added to it. 


Rhinegeist’s Little Bubs session rose ale

When you can’t quite decide on whether you want wine or beer, this drink is the choice that should come to mind. It tastes a little bit like wine and a little bit like beer. The reason is that the beer is brewed with cranberry, peach, and apple which leaves you with a fruity, sour aftertaste that just feels like wine. 


Cutwater Gin And Tonic

The cutwater gin and tonic are produced by one of America’s finest producers of canned cocktails. Everything about this drink from the smell of cucumber mixed with sprite to its refreshing taste screams satisfaction. It comes in a slim 12oz can, perfect for handling and storing. It is mild to drink as it has only 6.2% ABV so you can take your time and relax with it. 


Fishers Island Spiked Tea

Tea is a staple when it comes to Austin. Why not spice up your iced tea with some whiskey and vodka? It has a sweetness to it but it is not too sweet. It is light enough to be drunk during your tubing trip down the San Marcos River without making you feel bloated. It comes in a pack of four cans, enough for your trip down the river.


Lone Star Original

What’s a day out without Texas’ official beer? This popular beer created in 1884 is extracted from corn and has a distinct larger taste. Anyone who has tasted it can tell. It comes in both bottles and cans which is suitable for your tubing outing as bottles are not allowed on the water. It also has a light, seltzer, and 24/7 version. 


Points to note:

When preparing for your tubing day on San Marcos River, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Do not bring alcohol in glass or bottles as these are unacceptable on the river. 
  • Drink responsibly. Things can go wrong very quickly if a person drinks too much.
  • Rent or get a portable ice cooler to ensure that your drink stays cool throughout the ride (check our offers as you may get it for free).

We understand the stress that carrying around your tubing gear or beverages can cause, this is why we recommend that you make use of our transportation services. They are cheap and will ensure that you get to your destination safe and sound especially after you’ve had a few drinks. Give us a call today!

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