Are you expected to try all the wines during a wine tasting trip?

Wine tasting tours are a very popular thing in Austin, Texas, so much so there are local businesses that sell tour packages that include several local wineries. These tour packages usually include anywhere from 2 to 4 wineries and vineyards. Each of the locations will have its own tasting area set up with many different wines available for tasting and purchasing.


Best Private Winery Tour in Fredericksburg

Wine may not be what everyone thinks about when it comes to Austin, Tx. However, it just might be one of the best-kept secrets. The vineyards of Fredericksburg, just outside of Austin are some of the finest in the land. Augusta Vin, Grape Creek, Slate Mill, Becker Vineyards, William Chris Vineyards, and many others are open up for tour groups to come in and sample some of their world-class wines.