What Kind Of Tube Should I Use When Going Down The River?

Today’s tubing trip down the San Marcos River is nothing like your parent’s tubing trip. Things have changed so much throughout the years and for the better. Much of the changes that have come are based on necessity and comfort. … Read More

How to Pick the Best Day of the Week for Your Tubing Trip

With Austin’s proximity to the San Marcos River, you can get there in less than 45 minutes. That means you and your party can make plans in the morning and be on the water in less than an hour. … Read More

Austin tubing trips is now open for public tours

Due to Covid-19, the state of Texas had a moratorium on public-style tours, so the industry had to adapt. Fortunately, for all of the local touring agencies, the leadership in Texas decided to lift the moratorium and once again open up public tours. This includes tube rides down the San Marcos River, winery tours, and brewery tours. … Read More

A Refreshing Trip Down the San Marcos River

If you live in the greater Austin, Texas area chances are you have already heard about the San Marcos River. It is one of the most popular spots in Austin and it is where so many people go on a warm Texas summer day with a bunch of friends. … Read More

Went to celebrate a birthday, we had multiple ages with us (14 to 54) and had a fantastic trip! Very responsive, clean and comfortable transportation, nice driver, good tubes and... read more

thumb Akia Squitieri

The whole experience using Apexcursions for a special event was smooth and effortless. You can relax and enjoy your day to the fullest when you book with them. They are... read more

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April 29, 2021